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Meet the Founder

Paul Peters, Nehemiah Project of Love Founder

In my life God has carried me through some difficult times; in those difficult times, my life has been touched, in some capacity, with each of the Nehemiah towers. My mother was abused, and this touches the battered women tower. As a child I ministered to senior citizens in nursing homes, this reaches the senior citizen tower. I served in the army for eight years, this reaches the veterans tower. At one point in my life, I was even homeless. In the past, I have struggled with addiction to alcohol, this touches the tower of addiction. As a chaplain in New York, I served and worked with many at-risk kids and young adults. While in college I did an internship that worked with individuals struggling with mental illness and I have 25 years of experience working with the developmentally disabled.

-Paul Peters
Executive Director
Meet the Founder of Nehemiah Project of Love